The Colorado Providers Association (COPA) is a professional trade association representing substance use disorder prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery service providers. Formed in 1994, the mission of our 501(c)(6) nonprofit is to cultivate leadership, mobilize resources, and promote the effective use, integration, and coordination of services.

Our goals are to:

  •  Affect public policy and funding decisions.

  • Educate the public with an emphasis on public policy makers.

  • Reduce stigma associated with addiction and substance use disorders.

  • Represent the field and profession in a changing environment.

  • Improve knowledge and skills of provider members and the community.

  • Seek new funding streams

Our key objectives are to:

  • Create a statewide focus on substance use disorders.

  • Partner, collaborate and support networks, systems, and communities.

  • Foster system and policy changes at the state and local levels to improve access, quality, and program services.