Colorado Providers Association


Representing substance use disorder prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery service providers

our mission is to cultivate leadership, mobilize resources, and promote the effective use, integration, and coordination of services.

Member Benefits

COPA members enjoy a range of benefits including policy and legislative advocacy, timely updates about key issues affecting service providers, organizational capacity support, and efforts designed to improve service delivery to adults, youth, families, and communities struggling with substance use disorders.

Realtime Legislative Monitoring

COPA contracts with Frontline Public Affairs to provide lobbying and legislative monitoring services. In real time, COPA members can follow state legislation likely to affect providers at COPA’s bill tracking web site.

Careers with COPA and our Members

Substance abuse prevention, intervention, treatment, and recovery can be incredibly rewarding. It not only saves individual lives, but also positively affects individual families, friends, and communities.


Our Practice

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A Top 10 Service

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